Types Of Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile Connectivity

Mobile marketing services offer several opportunities through which businesses can effectively promote their products and services through customer’s mobile phones. A mobile marketing service can reach more people, spread the message quickly and is cost effective.

It is important that you know about the different types of mobile marketing services and choose one that is ideal for your business. Below are some of the most effective strategies you can employ for your mobile marketing plan.

You can either decide to choose one strategy or combine different strategies depending on the objectives of your marketing campaign.


This is the most common mobile marketing strategy, although others are talked about on www.pembrokeshirebb.com, that is universally accepted by every mobile phone. With SMS, you just use your business mobile phone number or short code in your other media like radio, print, and web ads asking your customers some questions or informing them about your business.

You can ask the potential customer to register his or her name, age, sex, and location in exchange for a contest entry. You can offer the subscriber invites to your company’s future parties, events, and gigs. You can plug latest products and offers and provide discount coupons subscribers can use in your store.


The MMS marketing messages incorporate media elements such as videos, images, and audio in conveying a message to potential and existing customers.

Mobile Applications

This allows businesses to make the best use of applications, widgets, managed platforms and more in order to host advertisements inside the application.

Mobile Games

This mobile marketing strategy is very similar to mobile applications. Within games that a user downloads on their mobile phones, a business can incorporate adverts within them.

Mobile Web

Nowadays, most people access the internet via their mobile phones. This is why it is very important that businesses have mobile friendly content. The additional option of advertising on mobile sites that allow the creation of banner ads for them or selling advertising space on your mobile site.

A well-designed website with great graphics, flawless navigation, interesting content and free useful downloads can easily ensnare the heart of a subscriber. The business website can win potential customers and even close a sale if the features are placed in the right sections.

Bluetooth Wireless Proximity Based Marketing

This works when a customer in a particular location is accessed remotely via Bluetooth and is delivered custom ads for that area. They will receive an ad or a message based on the location that their wireless device picks up.

Location Based Marketing

This mobile marketing service delivers multi-media content to the mobiles of the users depending on their location through GPS technology. This technology has the mobility and convenience needed to keep pace with people’s changing daily habits.

As you can see, there are very many mobile marketing options available. It is important that you decide on the best method that will help you achieve your goals. The key is to find the best balance of integration between your mobile marketing efforts with your other marketing.

Marketing to one’s cell phone in today’s local business landscape is becoming more and more popular as businesses need to adapt these strategies to stay ahead of the competition in an ever increasing mobile dominated society.

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