Rig Mats For Sale From Northern Mat

Rig Mats

Rig Mats

NMB (Northern Mat & Bridge) is a world class choice from Newfoundland to British Columbia when it comes to rig mats for sale. This company offers affordable and safe matting solutions for temporary access for work that involves general construction, laying of pipelines, distribution and transmission of electricity as well as gas and oil exploration. Conveniently located in Grande Prairie, Alberta Northern Mat has employees and equipment located across the nation in areas that are industrial, they are able to supply permanent or temporary bridges and matting to their clients for as long as they may need the equipment on site.

About Rig Mats For Sale

Platforms that can withstand heavy-duty applications offer a critical base for a number of gas and oil applications, pipeline construction, rigs, tank farms and various other types of construction needs. The rig mats on offer provide extreme durability and an easy way to set them up. Some of the benefits of these rig mats for sale include the following:

Superior And Strong Construction

A combination of uncompromising wood and steel provides an easy and light set-up mat. These mats are resistant to warping and cracking and are constructed in a way that they offer a long-lasting service even when placed under incredible pressure and high stress situations.


Northern Mat has several pre-built sizes of rig mats, but a variety of clients have construction needs or rig units that necessitate a custom made product. The manufacturing workshop at Northern Mat offers services that include the construction and designing process of rig mats that will support the unique needs of each of their clients.

Delivery Services

When it comes to Northern Mat, they take on each factor related to providing an all-inclusive service when it comes to rig mats. Once the client is able to relay what product they require, Northern Mat delivers the product directly to site, installs the product and if required they will retrieve the rig mat once the project has come to an successful end.

The Maintenance Program

In order to ensure that the rig mats on offer are always in great working order, Northern Mat has instituted their own maintenance program that includes repairing or inspecting every product returned to the company. In this way, each product arrives in top condition when delivered to a new site.

Rig mats serve the purpose of enduring heavy loads on a consistent basis. With many years of experience when it comes to construction, Northern Mat has a full understanding of what is needed for a rig mat to offer a reliable and strong platform at all times. Some of the pre-built options include 8’ x 20’or 30’ or 40’ rig mats that include a 3/ 4 beam steel-frame that are all a minimum of 6” thick. For the businesses that are in need of a custom solutions, Northern Mat have the facilities and workforce in place to manufacture the rig mats that match the requirements of their clients.

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