Where to Buy Quality Poultry Imports at Great Prices



You need the highest quality poultry and meat imports at the best prices. That is typical for any company or organization, but you also want to establish a good relationship with the import company you use. This will allow you to have years of trustworthy service where you can pass on quality to your customers and clients as well as fair prices.

Choosing the Best Importer

You have to find a full-service supplier not just of poultry products but of meats as well. You have to find the best importers who can literally take the products you buy from the farm to your door so that you can offer the freshest foods to your customers, too.

Perhaps one of the most important services you can get from your poultry and meats supplier is solutions. If you ever have a logistics matter that needs to be worked out, you should be able to reach out to your supplier for help.

There is a company that supplies meats and poultry to businesses of all kinds and has the reputation, problem-solving skills and quality foods that you need. That company is EMS or Eastern Meat Solutions.

A Company that Cares
Today’s meats have to be sold with the highest attention to quality and safety. Poultry imports are no different, and the people at Eastern Meat Solutions understand this well.

They have a staff that cares about the products that they sell to you. They are also a high-energy staff that is ready to offer you solutions as you need them. If you have an issue or problem, just contact them and they will work to help you come up with a customized solution.

They make sure that your solution is efficient, streamlined and workable. They have developed systems that ensure that when they collaborate with you on delivery or logistics, they work with you closely until you are 100 percent satisfied.

They understand that any recipe is only as good as its ingredients. They know that you need the quality poultry, beef and pork products that they supply. But they also know that those ingredients are only as good as can be when they are delivered fresh to you for your use. They will work to make sure you have the right logistics in place no matter where you take your business or restaurant to in the future.

EMS has been around for decades. Originally a milk trader, they quickly realized the value of future relationships with clients. They moved into the meat and poultry imports business and took it from a one-transaction type of business to a full-fledged all-encompassing solutions based importer that is ready to stick with you for years to come with all your import needs.

They perform supply chain work and logistics. However, when it comes to meat staging and processing, you can be sure that they ensure accurate temperature controlling and expert cutting services. Food safety is their number one priority next to your satisfaction.

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