Keep Track Of Your Employees With A Workforce Management System

It can be difficult to keep track of all your employees and managing their time can be just about impossible if you don’t have a good workforce management system in place. TimeTrex is the system you need to manage your employees from anywhere you are at. TimeTrex is accurate and it is easy to use. You can keep track of your employees anywhere in the world as long as you have a reliable internet connection.

The platform will track time and attendance so you know how much work your employees have done and when they are working. You can also take care of scheduling and leave management with the software. You can use the platform to track available vacation time and you can use it to track sick time as well. You can schedule your employees with ease.

You can also handle payroll and HRM with the system. Processing payroll is fast and easy and you can get the payroll processed with just a few clicks. You can also take care of qualifications and employee skills when you use the system. It can even handle recruitment. TimeTrex is very flexible and it allows you to handle a wide variety of tasks and you can handle them accurately and with ease. If you don’t want to be bogged down by a complicated system, TimeTrex could be your key.

TimeTrex makes tracking job costing and expenses easy and you can quickly allocate time to jobs and tasks. You will be able to easily track employee expenses while they are in the field and you will always know what they are doing. You can take advantage of facial recognition timeclocks with the system that are accurate and affordable. Just mount a tablet or smartphone and your employees can clock in. Employees can even clock in on the road using their own phones.

TimeTrex is easy to configure and it is packed with features that are going to make your business more efficient and save you money. It is crucial to have an effective workforce management system if you want to be more efficient and more accurate. You can set the system up to do anything that you need to do and the system is easy to set up the way you want.

It doesn’t matter how complex you need your time tracking to be, it is easy to tailor it to your business. You can take advantage of a free demo to see how the system works and you will find that you get a lot for your money with this system. You will enjoy accurate results and you can take advantage of customized reports that you can view on your dashboard or have sent to your phone.

TimeTrex is the perfect solution for your management needs and the system will grow with your business. It offers a cost-effect solution for businesses of any size and you will find a solution to all of your workforce management needs.

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